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ALEXANDER VON  HtJMBOLBT.                  27
pnoeo of Campo Iformio wa» concluded on. the 17th
October, to I'arifl, while Alexander wandered with
Leopold von Bueh for Hcieixtiiic purposes in the Alps
of rtalssburg and Htyrin, tarried some time in the
numntiumfl, and remained in Satalmrg with his friend
iluring tho winter of ,1797-98. They had to give up
tilw idea of a trip into Upper Italy, in which Heir von
Hafton wan to "have joined them.
In tho spring of 1*798, Alexander left SaMuirgand
wont/ to Paris, whore his brother was still staying,
whoso hotiRO was tho point d& ralliement for all tha -
educated Germans.    But Alexander von Humboldt's
arrival in Paris had higher plans ; he wished - to meet
with opportunities for his great journey.    In SaMmrg
already ha had determined on joining an expedition
to U|vper Egypt, but tho political events forced him to
nbstaiu*    Ho had mot with a man who was passion-
ately do voted to the fine arts, and whose soul was
longing for a jotirnoy to "JKgypt,    This man, who had
"before  boon on, tho cjoasts of lllyria and Greece, had
made tho proposal to him to examine the old monu-
ments along tho Nile a& far as Assuan for a period of
alxmt eight jnonfcha,    Hiitnboldt made the condition.
that ho .should continue the journey over Palestine
atxd Syria on their return from Alexandria.   The pro-
motor wan vory anxtonw for Hxtrnboldt/s company, as
hifl accurate knowledge of tho classic nations of anti-
equity, which, hc3 had acqtiirecl aboxit this time for this
journoy would bo of infinite  Bervice to him*    The
political aspect of Kuropo destroyed this plan also.
But MB ardent Hpirit was not discouraged by these
diBappomtrnerxtH— his  projects  remained unaltered.1
Ho Btill hod tho plau of viBiting the Axuericaix oon,t£-»
noiit ; it was tho purpose of Ms life, arid he liad, sino^
hiB tujfhtoontli year, prepared himself for it by shorter
travolw in Europe, m order to be able to compare ^his
geological  oxpcriexxces in the formation of Americ%
and, to gains, the necessary practical knowledge of t
iiiHtninusnts calculated to assist such researches $0
autioipatod making,   ^fchus intelleotually pr^pwad1